Signs of rats in the home - how to tell if you have rats in your house

You are feeling bad odor and dropping continuously within your house, but you do not know about the rodent? How can you know either it is a rat or something else? Have you find dropping under the cabins or near to the kitchen, there are chances it can be a mice or rat. To confirm the availability of the rat, you have to follow the given tips.

1- Dropping

If the dropping is fresh, then its color will be dark, but if the dropping is dry, then its color will be grey. You may find these dropping near to the food, in cupboards, near draws, or near to their nest. You may also find there dropping near to birds feeder. Try to determine the area by the investigation; fresh dropping will be indicators that the rat is still living within your house.

2- Odor

Pets like dogs and cats are considered as the predators of the rat. If you feel they are excited and are interested in the places where you have never seen them before, it shows the availability of any mammal or rodent. Use a flashlight to inspect that area; you may find their waste and may feel a specific bad odor.

3- Find their tract or entry points

By use of flashlight within the suspected areas, you can find their pathways you may find their feet mark or urine stain that will help which way they are using to get into your house. You can add baby powder near to the suspected pathway, and later, if the powder contains footprints, it’s a confirmation they are mostly like to use this way.

4- Nest

To make a nest, they need material like wires, shredded paper, or dried plants. If you find this area and near to the nest found fresh dropping and urine stain, it is sure they are living here. You may also feel their odor smell near to their nesting.

5- Sign of rats in the yard

Rats feel attracted to the messy places like garbage, hidden areas, or near the yard for both nesting and search of food. A place that contains mess with the availability of food and water can be an ideal place for these rats. You can confirm their availability to the helping of dropping and stains.

Other signs that can help to know either rat is living in your home or not are given below:
Scratching sound coming within the wall especially at the night time
Sound of running or footprint especially at night
Dropping in the attic, basement, and any other affected area
Food packages or fruits have gnawed on.

These are a clear sign that a rat is living within your house; getting rid of them, you can hire any professional team, or you can use rat traps. If you do not want to kill them, then you can use other home remedies like the use of odor that will help to repel them and force them to leave the house.

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